Farrah Abraham Flat-Out Says Amber Portwood Is an Unfit Mother

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It's pretty obvious that Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood are never going to be besties, but at this stage of the game, they're officially at the point of no return. Farrah has insulted Amber's parenting, and the claws are coming out! 


Amber's recent comment about inviting every member of the Teen Mom cast to her wedding later this year has, for some reason, gotten Farrah (and her BF, Simon) all riled up. While talking to Radar Online this week, Farrah took the opportunity to get a few jabs in. 

In fact, according to Farrah, aside from everything else she's said about Amber, she also doesn't think that she should have custody of her daughter, Leah, especially now that Matt Baier is about to become her stepdad. Farrah told the site: 

Gary should have full custody of Leah. Both of them are not to be trusted with children, evidently so. I want nothing to do with their criminal behavior or lying evil groups of people they associate with. I'm happy both the scam artists can be a happily married criminal couple. 

Ouch. That's harsh, girl. 

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It's not exactly surprising that Farrah would think Amber and Matt are unfit parents, especially after the fight that broke out on stage during the last Teen Mom OG reunion. But her words are still pretty scathing. Matt may have a shady past, and Amber may have overcome addiction and jail time, but Leah always looks happy when she's with them -- when the MTV cameras are around, anyway.  

Plus, if there really is a safety issue there, we trust that Gary will take care of it. He's always been such an involved dad, and with how much he loves his first daughter, we seriously doubt he'd allow her to be put at risk. 

If Farrah and Simon do end up showing up to that wedding, we'll just be waiting for the fireworks. This feud is far from over! 

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