Kailyn Lowry Reignites Rumors That She's Dating a Woman

kailyn lowry and girlfriend

Have they finally decided to make it official? Kailyn Lowry and Becky Hayter have been teasing their relationship more than ever lately on social media, and fans are going nuts trying to figure out if there's more than just friendship going on between the two.


The Teen Mom 2 star was romantically linked to her longtime friend last summer. Not only did they post several photos together, but Kail also made comments about her fluid sexuality. Even her ex-husband Javi Marroquin made comments about the two ladies hooking up.

The rumors pretty much died by the time Kail announced that she was pregnant with baby number three, because, well, all attention was turned to the question of who fathered her child. Even though that question has yet to be answered, the lesbian relationship speculation is back with a vengeance.

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Becky joined Kail over the weekend for a book signing at Johns Hopkins University, and the two of them posted some very couple-y looking pics on social media. Kail shared this one of them in the car together, looking like any regular couple on a mini-road trip.


She also added this one showing off her baby bump with Becky, and the pose seems pretty personal, with her hand on the bump.


Becky shared an even more intimate photo on her account, of Kail sitting in her lap. She also captioned the pic with "#babydaddy," indicating that she's going to playing a parenting role in this little one's life.


Just in case the photos weren't enough to fuel massive speculation that they're together, Kail also posted some suspicious Snapchat vids. In one, Kail asked Becky, "Are you so happy to be my girlfriend now?" and responded to her own question with, "I'm so glad we made it official."

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Of course she could just be joking around and stirring the pot ... but she also could be floating a test balloon to see how fans would react to her having a relationship with another woman.

Whatever is going on between Kail and Becky, we're just glad she seems so happy lately. Pregnancy seems to suit her well, whether or not she's also in a relationship.

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