Farrah Abraham Flaunts Her Boobs on Instagram Like Never Before

Farrah Abraham

We're used to Farrah Abraham talking about her favorite products on Instagram, but this one is a doozy! Farrah shared a racy video of her boobs in order to show off her new bra, and after watching it, we're not quite sure what to think. 


Of course, let's put this out there first -- this video is nothing like the more ... erotic things we've seen from Farrah in the past. Instead, this one is geared at her female followers as she gets ready for a night out with a bra that not only makes your cleavage look better, but also works with strapless and backless dresses. 

See for yourself: 

We get that she's trying to show off a product, but that's a lot of boob really close to her camera. That's Farrah for ya, though -- and it wouldn't be Farrah if her fans weren't taking over the comments, criticizing her for this move, too. 

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And either this bra is really that amazing or the brand pays well for advertising, because Farrah is hardly the only Teen Mom star who's been slinging it on social media over the past couple of weeks. Kailyn Lowry has also demonstrated how the bra works in both videos and photos, and so has Jenelle Evans.

All things considered, this is pretty chill by Farrah standards, and now we're really curious about the bra, so her tactic worked! Is it that good?! Do we need to buy it?! Or does pulling that string and pushing the girls together like that hurt as much as we imagine it would? 

Farrah, these are the questions we need answered in your next video, boobs or not. Help us out here! 

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