Vanessa Grimaldi Is Reportedly Driving Nick Viall Crazy


Oh man, we knew things didn't seem quite right between them. Ever since Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi made their debut as a couple on the The Bachelor, they've been raked over the coals for appearing "awkward" together. And if rumors are to be believed, they're already on the brink of a breakup.


Apparently, Vanessa making Nick jump through a lot of hoops, and he's just about had it. A source told In Touch magazine that she's been keeping him on a short leash, because in her mind, "Nick still has a lot to prove."

The insider revealed, "There is a lack of trust between them that she just can't seem to get over. It's making her act crazy -- almost like a different person." She hasn't even been able to let him go to practice for Dancing With the Stars on his own. "She's always jumping to conclusions that he's flirting with people on set or lying about being at rehearsals," confessed the source.

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That doesn't even touch her insecurity over watching her fiancé woo 29 other women throughout the season of The Bachelor. Watching this season play out while she they had to keep their relationship hidden had to be tough, and the insider said that it "kicked her emotions into overdrive."

Not only has it been hard for her to come to terms with how their relationship started, she apparently believes that "Nick should be doing anything and everything he can to make her feel at ease," and she "basically wants him to worship the ground she walks on."

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A friend of Nick's claimed that he has had it up to here with her paranoia. They told the mag, "He's really hoping Vanessa snaps out of this. It's only a matter of time before Nick tells her he's had enough."

So far, they haven't given fans a lot of hope for their relationship during their public appearances, but maybe they're just adjusting to being a public couple. Still, we wouldn't bet money on it.

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