Javi Marroquin Claims Kailyn Lowry Isn't the One Who Told Him About Her Pregnancy


Kids say the darnedest things, don't they? At least that's what Javi Marroquin may have been thinking when his 3-year-old son Lincoln blurted out that his mom Kailyn Lowry had a baby in her tummy.


Javi shares Linc with his ex-wife, who famously told him on Teen Mom 2 that one of the reasons she wanted a divorce was because she didn't want more kids, and he did. So he must have been in disbelief when his young son apparently spilled the beans that Kail was expecting her third child.

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But according to the 24-year-old, that's exactly how he found out his ex was expecting. In an interview with E! News, Javi confirmed, "Lincoln is actually the one who told me [Kailyn] was having a baby. He knows what's going on. He's excited to have another sibling."

He's acting nonchalant about it now, but we can only imagine how shocked he was to hear the news! But apparently all's well that ends well, and he wished her nothing but the best now.

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"I'm happy for Kail," he confessed. "I wish her nothing but the best and health and wellness and all of that stuff you know? I'm here for her. We actually are in a good place and I just want health for her and the baby."

That's such good news, especially given the drama that's played out between them since their spilt last year. Maybe part of the reason is because he's involved in his own new relationship now? Javi also took the time to confirm his relationship with fellow MTV reality star Madison Channing Walls. "Kail knows about the relationship for sure," he said.

We're kind of wondering if she found out from Lincoln.

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