Javi Marroquin Defends His New Lady's Shady Past

Javi Marroquin new girlfriend

It looks like someone's smitten! Teen Mom 2's Javi Marroquin has taken to Twitter to defend his new girlfriend, Madison Channing Walls, as some are questioning the relationship based on the Real World: Skeletons star's past. 


The made-by-MTV romance seems to be blossoming, but Kailyn Lowry's ex does not appreciate being reminded that his lady love has had a tumultuous past, which includes heroin addiction and an arrest for theft. 

Javi Marroquin girlfriend

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Defending his girlfriend's honor is exactly the type of thing the young mom of 13-month-old Harper adores about her new man. Madison told E! News: "I love that he is a gentleman. And I like his core values and that he has morals and just what he stands for."

And it looks like she's pretty grateful to have Lincoln's dad by her side. She tweeted this sweet statement that Javi quickly assumed was about him.

madison channing walls and javi marroquin
To which Walls responded, "I mean, if the shoe fits..."

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Of course, Madison is stunning and Javi definitely could use something to focus on other than his ex-wife's pregnancy with a yet-to-be-revealed baby daddy. And we love that he's not falling into a trap of judging her based on her past.

Still, we hope Javi and Maddi know what they're doing -- especially considering they're both parents to some pretty little kids. Good luck, guys!

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