Jenelle Evans Seems to Have Finally Had It With Her 'Teen Mom 2' Castmates


With all the drama surrounding Jenelle Evans this week on Teen Mom 2 and the reunion special with Dr. Drew, we sort of expected her to reignite feuds with her costars and MTV producers on social media. Let's just say that she did not disappoint.


During the reunion show, Jenelle and her costar Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer both ended up taking off before they were done filming for the day. They were both pregnant, but the way it was filmed, it seemed like Chels was genuinely sick, while Jenelle was overcome with emotion from fighting with her mom Barbara over custody of Jace.

Jenelle and her boyfriend David Eason ended up taking off with Jace, which was a problem since Jenelle doesn't have legal custody of him -- Barbara Evans does.

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The camera caught Leah Messer on film commenting about Jenelle's absence, saying, "Jenelle ran off with her child, who knows ... But she gets paid for this, she should be here."

Jenelle clapped back on Twitter (in a now-deleted tweet), "[Leah] damn tell me how you really feel! Haha, I was sick and pregnant with heartburn. You know nothing, you're right, so don't comment."

She also claimed that the reason she left was because she wasn't feeling well, and MTV refused to take care of her needs as a pregnant mom. She shared, "I was sick because I had acid reflux/heartburn from not eating ... No one cared because I asked for food for 3 hours and wasn't allowed to leave. I was done filming my part of the reunion and was hungry for hours with a burning chest from heartburn ... So I ended up leaving with David and Jace back to the hotel and everyone was trying to keep me from leaving. I just wanted food."

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Chelsea's dad Randy added to the fray by tweeting, "Reunions are always fun, bummed that I missed the last two. Long days, but they always provide catered food and snacks all day, kinda fun actually." Jenelle obviously wasn't going to let him shade her without a response, so she fired back, "Keep being immature Randy, says a lot about your character."

Ugh, sounds like a mess. We may never know what was really going on with Jenelle, but we're hoping that she finds her peace without feeling the need to rag on her castmates on social media.

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