Javi Marroquin Is Getting Cozy With Another MTV Reality Star

Javi Marroquin girlfriend

Javi Marroquin may have ended this season of Teen Mom 2 heartbroken over his divorce from Kailyn Lowry, but it looks like these days, he's singing a different tune! Apparently, Javi is getting cozy with another MTV star. Could this be the sign of a budding relationship?! 


Over the weekend, Javi was spotted hanging out in Philadelphia with Madison Channing Walls from Real World: Skeletons, and according to the photos they each posted on Instagram, it looks like they had a pretty good time together -- and they're even looking a little more than just friendly. 

javi marroquin and madison channing

Unfortunately, aside from a few cute Twitter exchanges, there are absolutely no other pieces of evidence pointing to their dating, but that doesn't mean they're not -- it just means nothing is confirmed yet. And now, we're dying to know what's really going on between them. 

Besides, all the fans commenting on their photos seem pretty psyched about the possibility of Javi and Madison being romantically involved, and we have to say we agree. They look so cute together! 

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It's super exciting when MTV stars cross paths, even if they're from different shows. Could she be the girl who Javi's been looking for?! And more importantly, what does Kailyn Lowry think of all this? We need answers! 

But hey, Kail's moved on (and is expecting her third child), so Javi should move on if it makes him happy, too. We can't wait to see this relationship unfold, if that's what it is. Ah, love! 

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