Jenelle Evans Shows Off Her Super Skinny Post-Baby Bod

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If you ever doubted Jenelle Evans's mission to lose her baby weight ASAP, let that be erased now! On Tuesday, Jenelle shared a photo of her belly, and this new mom is looking awesome. Seriously -- you'd never guess she was pregnant just a couple of months ago! 


In the pic, Jenelle is in a sports bra and shorts, showing her followers her bare tummy. Homegirl looks amazing! Of course, she's trying to advertise that flat tummy tea she's always talking about on Instagram, but we still can't stop staring at how thin she already is! 

Jenelle Evans instagram

Knowing Jenelle, though, she probably has a plan to get back to the gym ASAP, if she isn't already. Even while she was still pregnant, she was talking about how quickly she wanted to bounce back, and when this girl sets her mind to something, she always gets it done! 

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And regardless of what she looks like, we're mostly just happy that Jenelle is so happy lately. She seems to be loving her time with her third kiddo, Ensley, and now that she and David are engaged, we have a feeling wedding planning is on her mind, too. What an exciting year already! 

Hopefully, when Teen Mom 2 comes back, we'll get to follow along with even more of her adventures ... and she'll keep doing just as well as she has been recently. Mom of three looks good on her! 

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