Kailyn Lowry Could Be on the Brink of Another Major Custody Battle

Kailyn Lowry's son Isaac

This season on Teen Mom 2, we got to see Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera settle into a friendship and co-parenting relationship that's been less dramatic than ever before. But could all that be over? It seems like Kail and Vee Torres's custody argument could be getting worse. 


If you've been watching this season, you already know that Vee has been pushing Jo to ask for an official 50/50 arrangement with Kail for Isaac, since he's been spending more and more time over at their house now that Kail's living that single mom life. Jo and Kail are both against it, so we assumed she'd just drop the issue ... or not.

On Monday night's Teen Mom 2 reunion, Dr. Drew brought up the topic, and it didn't go well. Kail was pissed because she's already missing time with Lincoln and didn't want to give up more time with her other son, and Vee just wants everything in writing -- and for Jo to get the time he deserves. 

Basically, it's a huge mess.

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We can totally see both sides of the argument. Kail's been through a lot lately -- divorce, jugging two kids and college classes, and now a pregnancy -- and we get why she wouldn't want anything to change. But Vee makes sense, too, because it's important for Jo to protect himself, especially where Isaac is concerned. 

The moral of the story: There is no moral, because this argument may never actually end.

Here's hoping that everyone's able to work something out soon, since this kind of fight is not fair to Isaac. He has so many people in his life who love him, and we're keeping our fingers crossed that this awesome co-parenting thing they have going lasts! 

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