Jenelle Evans's Drama With Her Mom Barbara May Have Finally Crossed a Line

Jenelle and Babs
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Well that was certainly an interesting episode of Teen Mom 2. The second half of the season finale aired right before the reunion show, and after a brief check-in with the ladies in their hometowns, the majority of it took place in Los Angeles, where they were all filming with Dr. Drew.


The episode picked up right where it left off last week, with Javi Marroquin busting back in through Kailyn Lowry's front door after an argument. He had stormed out, but evidently wasn't done hounding her for an apology for everything that went wrong in their marriage. They eventually came to an agreement to move forward for Lincoln's sake -- thank goodness!

Once Kail got to LA, she met up with Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer, and went straight for her baby bump. Now we all know that Kail is currently expecting her third, but there's no way she could have been pregnant last fall when this was filmed. Interestingly, Kail rubbed Chelsea's belly and declared to everyone that she had major baby fever. If only she knew what was about to happen!

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Speaking of Chels, the soon-to-be mom of two was not feeling so hot. She filmed her individual segment with Dr. Drew, but before all four of the moms could make the stage, she headed back to the hotel with Cole. She was running a slight fever, and obviously didn't feel well, so kudos to MTV for making sure she took care of herself and the sweet baby boy.

Leah Messer was pretty low-key too, and mostly excited to see everyone at the reunion and share her news that she'd be starting classes soon. She has really gotten her life together, and even when Barbara Evans suggested that she may meet a man soon, she said she was just happy where she was. Brava, Leah!

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Speaking of Babs ... things seemed to be going fine with her and Jenelle Evans, despite the tension. Jenelle has been pretty upset with MTV this season for including her, and that seemed to come to a head in this episode. While Babs was shooting the breeze, under the impression that Jenelle was shooting with Jace and Dr. Drew, she and David instead decided to take off with her son for their hotel.

The problem there is that Jenelle doesn't have legal guardianship of her 7-year-old -- Barbara does. So technically ... she was kidnapping her own child. MTV had to call the police after Jenelle took off with David Eason and Jace, and back at the hotel, they had to explain to a very distraught Babs that she couldn't press charges against David without including Jenelle as well.

She decided to just go for an incident report rather than charge her daughter, thank goodness, but we're guessing this isn't going to do anything to heal their damaged mother-daughter relationship.

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