Jenelle Evans's New Book Will Reveal All Her Childhood Secrets

Jenelle Evans and baby Ensley

Judging by what Jenelle Evans has said on Teen Mom 2, she may have had a really difficult childhood. Although it's impossible to imagine anyone not having a blast while growing up with Babs, Jenelle obviously has a few things she needs to talk about ... in a book. Recently, Jenelle opened up about her new book, and it sounds like it could be coming soon! 


In a series of tweets Jenelle shared on Friday, she talked about the fact that things are already rolling on her latest project, and that she's getting ready to reveal a lot of things that could help her fans get to know her better. So far, she hasn't shared any of the specifics, but hopefully a preview is coming soon. 

Here's what Jenelle tweeted:

Jenelle Evans Twitter

Hmm. Interesting point. Just from the few minutes of footage we see of Jenelle every week on Teen Mom 2, it's hard to really understand her -- even if we feel like we've known her all these years! Hopefully, this book will explain more about how Jenelle came to be the mom (slash reality star) we know today.

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She also added that this is tough for her, because she's about to share things with the world that were "scary" for her to relive while she was writing about them.

Jenelle Evans book

We are now officially dying of curiosity about what that could mean. Is she about to drop some serious truth bombs about her upbringing? Or maybe there are secrets from her many relationships she's never shared before until now. 

Either way, we're hoping that we get a release date for this book soon. We need to know everything! 

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