Luke Pell Is Still Pissed at 'Bachelor' Producers for Choosing Nick Viall

Luke Pell

If you thought Luke Pell was over not being chosen as this season's Bachelor, think again! In fact, Luke thinks he would have been a better Bachelor than Nick Viall, and is it just us, or does he sound just a tad bit bitter?


In an interview with In Touch, Luke (who was originally chosen as the Bachelor after competing on JoJo's season of The Bachelorette, only for producers to change their minds at the last minute and go with Nick Viall) laid it all out there -- exactly what he thinks about the way Nick's season went down, and why he would have been a better choice for the gig. 

Here's what he said: 

I definitely would have made a better Bachelor. I'm one of the most genuine and honest people. Based on the unsolicited feedback I've gotten from people, this season has been terrible. 

Ouch! We wouldn't say that -- we definitely had fun watching Nick's season. But we can agree that Luke would have been an entirely different kind of Bachelor ... even though it's hard to say whether it would have resulted in a better or worse season.

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Luke also had a few choice words about Nick's decision to pursue Dancing With the Stars after his season wrapped, and it seems he's not too impressed.

He added: 

He could have ended this season ... but instead he chose to do the most narcissistic thing you can do, which is Dancing With the Stars. I think that makes a statement.

Whoa! Is DWTS the "most narcissistic thing you can do"? We're not sure about that, but Luke's message has officially been heard loud and clear!

Don't worry, Luke. Your time will come. Maybe we'll see him in paradise this summer? Never say never!  

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