Farrah Abraham Gets Hate Over Sophia's 'Inappropriate' Wardrobe

Farrah and Sophia

Another day, another opportunity for fans to bash Farrah Abraham for her parenting decisions. This time, it's not about makeup or a risqué photo shoot -- it's about Sophia's shoes. Yep, Farrah's being criticized for letting Sophia wear heels


This particular controversy was sparked when Farrah shared a photo of her and 8-year-old Sophia posing in her furniture store in front of a big, glam floor mirror. It just looks like a regular photo of mom and daughter, but some of her followers took major issue with the shoes on Sophia's feet. 


As far as we can tell, they're just strappy wedges -- but it seems like there are definitely people who think they're inappropriate for a kiddo Sophia's age to be wearing.

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Some fans voiced their opinion that they just didn't think Sophia was old enough to be wearing heels; others pointed out that they could be bad for her growing spine. Some people even hated on Sophia's black leggings, saying those were too mature for her. 

We can't act like Farrah has never made any questionable decisions when it comes to her daughter, but we think this is a time where she could be given a little slack. After all, plenty of kids wear heels -- we highly doubt Sophia's spine is in danger. Plus, we also doubt that she's wearing these shoes every day, especially when she's active and playing.

Haters gonna hate -- and Farrah's gonna continue not caring, if we know her as well as we think we do! 

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