Nathan Griffith Is in Hot Water for Fat Shaming a Personal Trainer

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Nathan Griffith has never struck us as the most sensitive guy in the world, but we're surprised he'd stoop this low. Nathan was banned from Gold's Gym after fat shaming a personal trainer, and it does not sound good. 


If you follow Nathan on Snapchat, you may have seen a photo that he shared last Thursday of a trainer working with a client. Per Radar Online, Nathan reportedly posted the following with the photo: "When the trainer is fat [sic] than her client with no muscles!!!" As soon as the gym caught wind of that, they weren't pleased, and they sent Nathan and his business elsewhere. They're not messing around! 

According to what a Gold's Gym rep told Radar Online, they decided to ban him immediately and he will not be welcomed back in any of their gyms worldwide. Here's their statement to the site: 

This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by any Gold's Gym. It is outrageous that anyone would do this to anyone in any of our gyms. This guy is banned not only from his local gym but from any of our gyms around the world. He is not welcome back. We take these crude actions very seriously, it is against our policy.

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Yikes! Guess Nathan's shopping around for a new gym membership now, if he can find one that will take him after this! Actually, this development could end his weight-lifting hobby for good, if he's not careful. 

We just hope that he realizes his actions were wrong and never does the same thing in the future. Oh, and that he doesn't pass this kind of behavior onto Kaiser. He doesn't need to grow up thinking that it's acceptable! 

We're glad to see the gym took this so seriously. Now let's just cross our fingers Nathan learned his lesson!

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