Was Farrah Abraham Fired From 'Teen Mom'? -- Here's the Scoop

Farrah Abraham and Sophia

If you caught the new trailer for Teen Mom OG, you probably noticed that someone pretty important was missing. Farrah Abraham was nowhere to be seen in the new footage, and now, fans are worried she was fired from the show.


Fortunately, Farrah's mom, Debra Danielsen, is ready to clear up the rumors, and it sounds like it was more of a snub than anything else.

According to what Debra tells Radar Online, the lack of Farrah in the promo has nothing to do with her employment status with MTV, and it sounds like everything that has to do with filming for the show has been business as usual for their family.

Debra told Radar: 

We are filming for next season. Farrah and I have also done work on Teen Mom 2 live aftershows, too. I have nothing against any of them. I just think Amber has amazing talents. She's a smart, smart woman. She's going to do some great things in her life. I have nothing negative to say about Catelynn or Maci either.

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It's good to hear that Farrah is still in, because the show would be so boring without her (and her drama). If she's still involved, though, it does seem strange that she'd be the only mom not involved in the promo. 

Maybe it was MTV's way of keeping us guessing, since the rumors that Farrah could be fired after her fight with Amber have been everywhere?! Or maybe it was just a total coincidence. Hmm ... 

No matter what the reason, we're excited for what the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG could bring. We can't wait! 

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