Vanessa Grimaldi's Secret Past Makes Us Question Her Relationship With Nick Viall


Well, well, well. That didn't take long. Just days after getting engaged on the season finale of The Bachelor, Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi's relationship is under the microscope, as many fans are sensing that something is a little bit off with the happy couple. And of course, the question of whether or not Nick and Vanessa are staying together for fame, and not love, has come into play.


I know, I know -- this happens every season, as far as the couple being accused of faking their relationship in order to maximize their time in the spotlight. But get this one -- according to Radar Online, Vanessa has a background in acting, which is totally more than enough to raise our eyebrows a little bit.

Yep. Turns out our girl wasn't always a teacher. Vanessa even has an IMDb account, and she starred in a episode of Blue Mountain State in 2010, along with a couple of other shows in 2011, and in 2014.

Her director on Blue Mountain State, Jon Fortenberry, said he remembers her from the show, and told Radar: 

Given the fact that she was not given a lot of heavy lifting in that show, she certainly accomplished what her task was for that. I have reason to suspect she could be an accomplished actress if she were given a more substantial role. 

Huh. Did you hear that? A "more substantial role." You mean like being cast on a reality TV show? And then potentially continuing on to something bigger than that, now that she's practically a household name?

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Seems just a little bit too convenient, if you ask me. I think we can all agree that Nick and Vanessa's appearance on After the Final Rose was about as awkward as it gets. It was pretty clear that they're already struggling as a couple. And then you go and pair that with the fact that Vanessa said she's moving to LA for the time being, and add the acting past on top of that, and boom! You've got yourself a recipe for a gal who definitely has the potential to break into the whole Hollywood scene.

Sure, there's always the chance that Nick and Vanessa will actually turn out to be another Bachelor success story, so maybe we should give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being. And with Nick getting ready to compete on Dancing With the Stars, we probably can't expect the status of their relationship to change as long as he's still a contestant. Come on, don't you think he'll harbor more votes from viewers if his lovely fiancée is seen cheering him on in the audience each week? (People can't resist the sappy stuff.)

Lucky for Vanessa, if things with Nick don't work out, she has not one, but two promising careers to fall back on. Hmm. Wonder which one she'll choose. (Eye roll.)

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