Chelsea DeBoer & Kailyn Lowry Are Fed Up With MTV

Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry

Will the complaints about MTV's editing ever stop? Not as long as the cast of Teen Mom 2 keeps feeling like they're getting an unfair shake! After Monday's new episode, both Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer have called MTV out for cutting scenes, and these moms are not pleased.


They took to Twitter this week to fill fans in on what Teen Mom 2 didn't show after they each received criticism from viewers. For Chelsea, apparently her conversation with her mom about Aubree's two dads was even more awkward than the show made it look, hence why she got so pissed with Mama Mary in that scene. 

Here's her explanation: 

Chelsea Houska Twitter

Hey, good for her for owning up to being cranky -- and for explaining what the cameras didn't let us see.

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And after seeing Chels explaining herself, Kail jumped in to point out that she'd been a victim of the bad editing, too, especially after a fan told her that she was alienating Isaac from Javi, who has obviously become a big part of his life despite his divorce from Kail.

Kailyn Lowry Twitter

See, everyone? It's fine -- Kail isn't trying to keep Isaac from Javi, he was just sad that his brother was going away with his dad for a while. Can we just let the kid live?

Hopefully, thanks to the moms always pointing out when the show doesn't accurately reflect what happened in real life, fans will be able to take what they see on Teen Mom 2 with a grain of salt. We know it's changed the way we watch the show.

And as for Kail and Chelsea? Keep doing what you're doing, ladies. You're both killing it, bad editing or not.

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