Kailyn Lowry's Kids Have Picked Out Baby Names for Their New Sibling

Kailyn Lowry kids

We love all the kids of Teen Mom, but Isaac and Lincoln are two of our faves. They're always super sweet and funny, and it sounds like they're helping their mom prep for their new sibling. Kailyn Lowry shared Isaac and Lincoln's baby name suggestions, and, well, this is why we don't let kids name themselves. 


According to this future mom of three, Isaac and Lincoln have their favorite names for both a potential brother or sister nailed down.

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Here's Kail's tweet on the matter: 


Alexa is adorable -- we love it! Climber? Eh ... maybe not. Sounds like the fast track to getting that kid teased on the playground, although at least it's unique? 

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We are dying to find out if Kail is having a boy or a girl -- an Alexa or a Climber -- and so far, she hasn't shared any names she likes herself. But then again, she's barely shared anything about this pregnancy, so we're not holding our breath for more details! 

It's good that Isaac and Linc seem excited to add another kid to their family, though. With what an awesome big bro Isaac has always been, we know this baby is lucky to have him in his or her corner. And Lincoln is just way too sweet for words, so he'll be awesome at the job too. 

Anytime you want to throw us some more details, we're waiting, Kail. Your move!

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