Epic 'Bachelor' Finale Plot Twist Was Literally the Last Thing We Expected

Rachel Lindsay

For weeks now, we've heard about how "historic" this season's Bachelor finale would be, and now that we know the truth, we're a bit disappointed. In fact, we couldn't believe it when the plot twist actually had nothing to do with Nick at all! 


It was cool to see some of Rachel Lindsay's upcoming Bachelorette contestant guys early, since her season won't premiere until May, but it definitely isn't the announcement we were expecting. Since this was Nick's After the Final Rose, didn't everyone think it would have to do with him?! All our hopes of his pulling a Mesnick were dashed, though. Boo! 

To be fair, this twist was technically historic -- it's not like this has ever been done before. It just wasn't quite what we expected, so we were a little let down when it happened.

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There are so many things the surprise could have been, and we'd been going crazy trying to figure out what it was! Were Nick and Vanessa not getting along? Was Vanessa pregnant? Did Nick want to be with Raven instead? Had they already decided to end the engagement?

Nope. All of those were wrong. Can you believe it was just 45 minutes of Nick and Vanessa looking real awkward, followed by Rachel's being ambushed by a few of suitors before filming for her season even officially began? At least the dudes were nice? 

And now that The Bachelor is behind us, The Bachelorette is next up, so we should probably start reading up on those guys that showed up Monday night. Rachel deserves a good one! 

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