Nathan Griffith May Be Cutting Kaiser Out of His Life for Good

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Another week of Teen Mom 2, another week of drama with exes, custody battles, and more. It seems like Jenelle Evans has been battling her mom Barbara for custody of Jace forever, but this week, she may have made huge strides in getting 100 percent custody of her other son, Kaiser.


While Jenelle's court date with Babs over Jace got delayed yet again (thanks to a hurricane), she and her boyfriend David Eason got some very weird texts from Nathan Griffith about Kai. David thought Nathan drunk-texted him about not having Kai for a particular weekend, because he talked about moving to England in a month, and giving up his paternal rights.

He texted about it again the next morning, which prompted Jenelle to call her lawyer about it. Nate was seeing Kai three weekends a month, but given his mental state (his mom even told Jenelle she was worried about him), the lawyer advised Jenelle to screenshot the texts and send them over for her records. Meanwhile, David said he'd be more than happy to adopt Kai as his own someday, which was pretty sweet. Did she finally meet a good one? We hope so.

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Chelsea (Houska) and Cole DeBoer finally tied the knot this week, although they didn't want MTV cameras at the event. We got some super cute snapshots though, and she looked absolutely beautiful and so so so happy.

She had a bit of drama though over her ex Adam Lind -- and he didn't even have to show up! While Chels was lunching with her mom, Mary, and her daughter, Aubree, Grandma Mary kept trying to get Aubs to talk about how Cole would be her daddy now. Chels had to ask her to stop when the precious girl asked how Cole could be her dad when she already had a dad. Ugh, we just hope Adam gets his life together and acts like a real dad soon.

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Leah Messer was contemplating going back to beauty school, but after meeting with the admin there, she decided that it would be too many hours that wouldn't fit into her schedule of taking care of her three daughters. Girlfriend was determined to go back to school though, and met with admissions at her local college.

After turning in all her previous coursework, along with her high school transcript, she got the call that she'd been accepted. She said that she'd promised herself she'd go back to school eventually, and it looks like she's going to make good on it. Congrats to her on her new venture!

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It was drama central for Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin, who were still working out the details of their divorce. Things got super nasty this week, after Javi said he wanted to come over and talk to Kail about things.

He was apparently looking for something she wasn't willing to give, because even though she admitted that she slept with someone (presumably after they split? We're pretty sure?), she wouldn't apologize for it. Instead, she wanted him to apologize for being a jerk who wouldn't leave her alone in her own home, and he went to leave.

After talking with a producer in the driveway for a few minutes, Javi decided to barge back into the house unannounced ... and the whole thing was "to be continued." We can't wait for next week to find out what happened.

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