Kailyn Lowry Flat-Out Tells Javi Marroquin She Slept With Someone Else

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It looks like the truth may have finally come out after nearly a year of cheating accusations. Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin divorced last year, but they've been flinging cheating accusations at each other pretty much ever since, and now, Kail just admitted to sleeping with someone else.


Things have been pretty tense between Javi and Kail on recent episodes of Teen Mom 2, which were filmed when they were still working out the details of their divorce. Javi had just gotten home from an overseas deployment, and from what Kail said on the show last week, it seems like she slept with someone else while he was gone.

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During a heated argument in last week's ep, Kail yelled at her soon-to-be-ex-husband, "I know what I do, I have nothing to cover up -- I'm not sleeping with all these dudes! So don't sit here and try to make me sound like some ho while you were gone."

She continued, "I'm sorry we weren't going to work it out, yeah -- I slept with someone else, whoopty f--cking doo." Okay, in all fairness, it sounds like they were broken up before she hooked up with someone else, even if they weren't officially divorced yet, but with how possessive and controlling Javi has seemed over the years, we're not surprised it upset him so much.

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During the live aftershow, Kail made a plea to Javi to "build a friendship" for the sake of their 3-year-old son Lincoln, but he didn't seem very receptive of it. He tweeted shortly after that, "It's not possible. I don't need your 'friendship.' Don't play Mother Teresa now."

Well okay then. It seems like Javi still is having a hard time moving on all these months later. Hopefully Kail's confession about being intimate with someone else can give him the kick in the pants he needs to get over her already.

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