Farrah Abraham's Mom Speaks Out About Those Concerning Addiction Rumors

farrah abraham and her mom

When it comes to Farrah Abraham, the rumor mill is always churning, and this time, what's being said about her is pretty shocking. Could she actually have a problem with pills and alcohol? Farrah's mom is speaking up about the addiction rumors -- even if Farrah's boyfriend, Simon Saran, wouldn't. 


This whole thing started when Simon refused to deny that a blind item about a Teen Mom star whose drinking is "out of control" was about Farrah. Some fans took that as solid proof that the rumors have to be true, but if there may not be a reason to worry about Farrah's well-being just yet.

Because this is where Mama Deb comes in, and although she and Farrah have definitely butted heads in the past, she's ready to fight for her daughter. Debra talked to Radar Online about the accusations, and as far as she's concerned, Farrah is clean.

Here's what Debra had to say to the site:

That is not true. That is absolutely not correct. My daughter works her ass off. She works very hard. She's a professional, dedicated woman. We don't believe in that and that's not happening.

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We want to believe Debra, because we'd hate to think that Farrah is turning to drugs and alcohol to deal with her life -- which obviously has to be very stressful, considering how busy she is.

And since Farrah has been busy giving seminars at SXSW all weekend, she has yet to comment on the rumors herself -- although if we know Farrah, those comments are coming. If you don't want to take it from Deb, chances are good the truth will be coming straight from Farrah sooner or later.

We just hope everything's okay. We want all our favorite moms to be healthy and happy! 

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