Farrah Abraham Drops a Hint About Kailyn Lowry's Baby Daddy

Farrah Abraham Froco

We don't know much about Kailyn Lowry's pregnancy just yet, but we are dying to know who her baby's father is. And one more clue just popped up, thanks to another Teen Mom star. Farrah Abraham may have spilled the beans about Kail's baby daddy. Uh oh...


In an interview with Hollywood Life, Farrah dropped a tiny hint about who it could be -- and it was nowhere near the kind of information we're looking for. All Farrah would tell the site?

"It's not a secret. Look, and you will know." 

What is that supposed to mean?! This is seriously confusing. Does she mean it's someone whom we've seen on the show? Is it really one of the Teen Mom producers, like the rumor mill would have us believe? Her clue solves nothing! 

And of course, this could just be Farrah making guesses of her own, so who knows if Kail has actually filled her in -- and since they've never struck us as BFFs, there's a good chance she hasn't. We need answers ASAP! 

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So far, we only know a few things that could help us narrow down the possibilities. It's not one of her exes, so Jo and Javi are out. It's someone she was friends with and "briefly dated," according to her rep. And there's a chance that friend is a dude named Chris Lopez, whom Kail has interacted with on Twitter before.

Other than that? We're drawing a total blank. We guess we'll have to wait for Kail to decide to share the info herself, or until we see the dad on Teen Mom 2 in the future. The suspense is killing us! 

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