Kailyn Lowry & Jo Rivera Are Suddenly Closer Than Ever

Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera

Kailyn Lowry's life might be all drama lately, but there's one person she's not fighting with -- her ex, Jo Rivera. It sounds like Kail and Jo are actually friends these days, which is so refreshing to hear.


Through Kail's divorce from Javi Marroquin on the show this season, Jo (and his wife, Vee) have been there for Kail, especially when it came to anything that has to do with Isaac. And since this mama has a lot on her plate right now, it seems like perfect timing for their co-parenting relationship to be at its best. 

In an interview with MTV News, Kail even went so far as to say that she and her ex are "best friends," and she had nothing but wonderful things to share about him. 

Kail told the site: 

Jo and I hated each other's guts ... we were not good friends [and] we barely co-parented. All of a sudden, it was a complete 180. Now we're best friends -- I can tell him anything. I can call him, and we can switch weekends easily or if I need him to grab Isaac from school. We are so good now. Jo and I probably talk three or four times a week, so it's really good. 

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We're so glad to hear that, especially since things weren't always so chill between them! In the early days of Teen Mom 2, there was hardly a time when Kail and Jo weren't at each other's throats, and the battle for custody and over child support was just the beginning. 

But now? Just from witnessing them on the show this season, it really does seem like there's been a major change. It seems to be a really positive thing in Kail's life, and it's so awesome for Isaac. 

Fingers crossed this friendship lasts! 

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