Nick Viall's Final Pick on 'The Bachelor' Was 'Selfish'

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It's hard to believe it, but there's less than a week until we find out which lady Nick Viall chose to be his intended on The Bachelor. After the fantasy suite dates earlier this week, we know it's down to Raven Gates or Vanessa Grimaldi ... or could this be the season where the leading man walks away alone?


Say it isn't so! Even Juan Pablo Galavis walked away with Nikki Ferrell, even if he didn't propose or say he loved her. It just seems sad to think about a season of the show ending with the star being completely and utterly rejected and dejected. 

But you know, it's The Bachelor, and according to rumors, we're in for one heck of a stunning finale next week. We've been hearing throughout the season that it's been tough for Nick to make decisions on which ladies to keep and which ones to send home, and it's been evidenced by his multitude of tears on the show.

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It looks like Nick gets the weeps again during the finale. A show source told Us Weekly that Nick was "scared to death" to pick a final winner ... and to send the runner-up home. Apparently, he let the second-place woman pour out her heart just hours before ditching her, because "he wanted to let her feel like she left nothing on the table," as Us's source said.

Still pretty crappy if you ask us, if he had already made his decision. Something Nick apparently recognized, as he reportedly tells her, "I've been so selfish." The show insider also revealed to Us that "Nick had empathy for her" and that "it was hard for him to let her go because it hit so close to home."

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Producers are still promising a historic ending to this season of the The Bachelor, which means we're going to speculate about it right up until the end. Will he pull a Mesnik and change his mind after filming the final rose ceremony? Does he end up alone? Will Nick and Chris Harrison realize they're in love and ride off into the sunset together?

Oh please not the Chris Harrison one. Our mega-crush on him couldn't handle it.

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