Raven Gates Gets More Unwelcome Attention After Her Big Orgasm Confession

Bachelor Rachel and Raven

We're feeling really bad for Raven Gates this week, you guys. After she admitted before her fantasy suite date with Nick on The Bachelor that she had never had an orgasm, she's been the talk of Bach nation, and it's gotten her a bit of fanmail. K-Y (as in, K-Y Jelly) wrote Raven a letter, and it's really awkward.


Us Weekly shared the letter on its site. Apparently the company feels bad that Raven's sexual experiences haven't been up to par so far in her life, and they recommended a few products to keep that from happening in the future.

Here's what the letter says: 

We were bummed to hear that you didn't orgasm in your last relationship. It's definitely not cool when he finishes before you have enough time to get there, so we were glad to see that your first time with Nick was a success. We're guessing that Nick, like 89% of guys, wants to last longer in bed so you can get there too -- reaching orgasm with your partner helps you feel connected and close! 

All that said, if you're ever in the position of needing to give his stamina a boost, we have K-Y Duration which help them last longer so you can get there too. If you're interested in feeling some new sensations, we've also got K-Y Intense for added vavavoom in the bedroom. Here's to more lovin' in 2017! 

Basically, we would die if we ever got a letter like this one. Poor Raven!

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All she wanted to do was be honest with a potential partner about her past, and now, the whole world is talking about it, and last week, someone tried to start a fund-raiser to buy her a vibrator. And then this K-Y letter?! Leave this girl alone! 

So far, Raven has yet to respond to the letter, but we're wondering what she's thinking. We have a feeling she's probably not about to thank them for their advice.

Either way, Raven is awesome for being so honest, and chances are, she's made other women watching feel less alone for having the same issue. Here's hoping Raven's next relationship is healthier and happier -- whether or not it ends up being with Nick! 

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