Adam Lind's Legal Problems Take Another Turn for the Worse

Adam Lind daughters

Adam Lind has had a pattern of being late with the child support he owes Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer in the past, and now, it's landing him in some serious hot water. Adam reportedly just went to court for the unpaid child support, and it's not sounding good.


According to Radar Online, Adam went to a hearing last month for $3,700 in back child support that he still owes Chelsea for Aubree's care, and although he's paid down some of what he owes, it's just a drop in the bucket. The site also claims that Aubree isn't his only child who's affected; reportedly, he owes his ex Taylor Halbur $7,000 for Paislee. Yikes.

A source close to the situation tells Radar:

He paid a small portion of what he owed before the hearing, so the judge didn't hammer down on him. He was making an effort. 

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This sounds like a stressful situation for everyone involved, especially for Chelsea. Right now, she's juggling a newborn and this mess? We feel for her -- and Aubree, who definitely deserves more from her father. 

If Adam truly does owe this money, he'd better pay, or we have a feeling he's going to face some major consequences. From what we've seen of Chelsea and Taylor in the past, they're not going to let this go easily, especially if they're still in communication with each other about Adam's role in their daughters' lives. 

Be the dad your kiddos need, Adam! They're counting on you.

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