'Teen Mom' Baby Names: How Do They Rank?

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'Teen Mom' Baby Names: How Do They Rank?

Ali and Aleeah

We love all things Teen Mom, and we love a good baby name -- doesn't everyone? The ladies of our fave MTV franchise have all chosen some lovely monikers for their little ones -- but just how did they rank in the scheme of the top 1,000? Luckily Baby Name Wizard pulled the Social Security Administration's list of most popular baby names (both male and female) from 2015, which gives us a way of ranking the Teen Mom baby names in order of their popularity. 

Who made the list? Who's near the top spot, and who's closer to 1,000? Let's find out! And maybe get a little baby name #inspo along the way. First we'll rank the girl names, followed by the boy names -- so click on!

And check out Baby Name Wizard for all things baby names.

  • Sophia


    First, we'll start with a ranking of the girl names from Teen Mom. Coming in at #3 on the top 1,000 girls' names from 2015 is darling Sophia. We can understand why Farrah Abraham chose it for her precious girl -- it's a gorgeous name, and derives from the Greek sophia that means "wisdom and skill."

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  • Leah


    Well hello little Leah! Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley's sweet daughter has a beautiful name that comes from the Hebrew lā'āh (weary, to tire). And this pretty name ranks in popularity at #36 on the list.

  • Aubree


    Lovely little Aubree's name has a unique twist on the more traditional Aubrey -- but it still ranks at #78 in the top 1,000! Not bad -- and you can bet that Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer's decision to choose it has had an influence on its popularity. As Baby Name Wizard points out, the origins of this moniker trace back to the Old High German elements alb (elf) and rihhi (ruler).

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  • Adalynn


    How much of a cutie is little Adalynn?! Leah Messer's daughter's name is as sweet as she is. A diminutive of Adele, this memorable moniker comes in at #123 on the list.

  • Gracie


    While Gracie's full name is actually Aleeah Grace, this little cutie definitely goes by Gracie, as fans of Teen Mom 2 can tell you. And so we found the name Grace sitting pretty at #165 in the top 1,000 female names from 2015. Inspired by "grace," which is derived from the Latin gratia (meaning favor or thanks), this is a name quite befitting of this adorable little gal.

  • Nova


    This tiny beauty's full name is Novalee, but we were able to spot the name Nova (which Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra call their mini-me daughter) on the list at #215. Makes you think of something as powerful and luminous as a supernova, doesn't it? It's a great choice.

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  • Carly


    Can't wait to kiss that little face again, I mean come on, look at her! #Beautiful

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    Teen Mom fans will recall the heartbreaking decision young Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra made to give up their first daughter, Carly, for adoption when they were teens. They bestowed upon her a lovely name that happens to fall at #389 on the list. As Baby Name Wizard says, Carly is the female form of Carl/Charles, which derive from the Old English ceorl (man, freeman, peasant).

  • Jayde


    How cute is little Jayde sitting in mama's suitcase? Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney's daughter's name of course comes from the green or white jadeite or nephrite stones. A colorful name for a lively and happy little girl, this name finds itself at #861 on the list.

  • Aliannah


    Little Ali! We love her so much. Her actual name is Aliannah, but while the list didn't have the exact spelling that mama Leah Messer and dad Corey Simms chose, we were able to find a very similar one -- Alianna -- right at #1,000! There was also Aliana at #737. Definitely a beautiful choice for any little girl, Aliana is the female form of Alan, and while that name's meaning is uncertain, some believe it hails from a Celtic word meaning "rock." We like that, as Ali Simms is definitely a strong girl.

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  • Ensley


    Baby Ensley is Jenelle Evans's mini-me! How much does this adorable baby look like her mom here -- as well a mix of her dad, David Eason? We couldn't find Ensley's name on the top 1,000 list from 2015, but we imagine that'll change -- Teen Mom names often help boost the popularity of names, after all.

    The Teen Mom male baby names are up next!

  • Isaac


    And now for the boys' names! Look at this handsome little guy. A cool little man like Isaac deserves an equally cool name, and Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera certainly delivered -- the name Isaac comes in at #31 on the top 1,000 boy names from 2015, and is the Ecclesiastic Greek form of the Hebrew Yitzchak (he will laugh), which itself is derived from yitshāq (laughter), per Baby Name Wizard.

  • Lincoln


    Up next on the list was the name given to Isaac's little brother, Lincoln! It comes in at #66, and here's a fun fact: The name comes from 7th century Latin as Lindum Colonia, which is said to be a Latinate rendering of the Welsh llyn (lake, pool) and the Latin colonia (colony), as Baby Name Wizard tells us.

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  • Jace


    Hey, Jace! Jenelle Evans's son has a name as cool as he is. (And that's pretty damn cool.) It comes in at #75 in the top 1,000, which just goes to show how much it has caught on. A Greek name, Jace means "healing" -- and it doesn't get much better than that, does it?

  • Bentley


    How much is sweet young Bentley starting to look like his dad, Ryan Edwards?! Maci Bookout's eldest has a fun name that falls at #93 on the list. (Funny enough, maybe a little Chelsea/Aubree inspiration is the reason why the alternate spelling "Bentlee" was also found on the list -- at #755!) 

    Did you know Maci was the fastest-rising girl name of 2009, and Bentley was the fastest-rising boy name of 2010? Talk about Teen Mom's impact!

  • Maverick


    Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney's youngest -- the handsome Maverick! -- can find his name sitting comfortably at #184 on the list. Not bad! It's a name that'll have you thinking all about individuality and breaking the rules -- in the best way possible.

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  • Kaiser


    Cutie pie Kaiser has such an awesome name -- but it didn't make the top 1,000 for boys in 2015! We have a feeling that Teen Mom's influence means we'll be seeing it on newer lists as they come out, though. Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith certainly chose a unique moniker for their adorable boy.

  • Watson


    My dear Watson! We love that Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer found her fairy-tale happy ending with the amazing Cole DeBoer -- and fans were definitely waiting impatiently to hear what their little boy would be named. Little Watson's got quite the kick-ass name, but it didn't make the top 1,000 in 2015. However, as we said before, we're sure that'll change now that the Teen Mom world has shined the spotlight on this lovely moniker.

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