'The Bachelor' Women Tell-All Special Left One Big Question Unanswered

bachelor women tell all
Michael Yada/ABC

How did this happen?! Somehow, we blinked, and Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor is just about over. On Monday night, the fantasy suite dates came to a close, and all that's left is that final rose ceremony. And after seeing this season's contestants appear on Women Tell All dissecting everything that happened over the last several weeks, we still have one burning question: Is Corinne going to Bachelor in Paradise?! 


So far, Chris Harrison & co. have been super open about things they don't normally discuss this early in the game, like when they announced that Rachel Lindsay is the next Bachelorette weeks before she was even eliminated from the show. And normally, Women Tell All is when Chris invites standout contestants to come on BiP in the summer, but this time, he didn't say a word about it. So what's the deal?! 

Unfortunately, we're still a while away from BiP cast announcements, since a good part of the male half of the cast will include Rachel's Bachelorette castoffs, and that hasn't even started filming yet. But our fingers are crossed that before then, we'll find out if Corinne will be there. And if you ask us, she needs to.

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I mean, think about it: Corinne is literally the ideal Bach contestant for this gig. She was the most entertaining part of The Bachelor all season long, and we need to see more of her! You know she'd get along with Jorge perfectly. And maybe she could even bring Raquel along? We want to see more of her, too! 

Guess for the time being, we'll just have to wait for word from ABC. It could be a while, and we're impatient, but we really can't imagine BiP next season without our girl. 

Corinne, if you're reading this, consider it our official plea. Get your butt to paradise this summer! 

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