Cole DeBoer Steps Up to the Plate After Another Adam Lind Parenting Fail

Adam and Aubree

For how often Adam Lind complains about MTV portraying him as a deadbeat dad, he sure isn't helping matters. Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer's ex missed out on Aubree's father-daughter dance for the second year in a row, and it looks like he has no one to blame but himself.


A source confirmed to Radar Online that Adam was not in attendance at the school function, despite his having full knowledge it was happening. The insider confirmed, "Adam was texted about the dance and it was on the school calendar. He knew about it."

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Thankfully, 7-year-old Aubs has an amazing stepdad who was more than happy to fill in Adam's vacant dancing shoes. Cole DeBoer looked downright dapper escorting this adorable little lady to her dance in this pic that Chels posted of them over the weekend. She added the caption, "Off to the dance," along with several heart emojis.


According to the source, Aubs had another important man in her life at the dance as well -- her grandpa Randy. "Aubree had a blast," the insider shared. "[Chelsea's father] Randy went with another granddaughter whose dad was out of town."

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It's so awesome that Aubree has so many men in her life that are willing, able, and happy to pick up the slack where Adam drops it. We keep hoping that he will come around for Aubree's sake, but given the blasting he got last year for missing the dance, you'd think he could pull it together to show up for this one.

Then again, some people never change.

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