13 'Bachelor' Alums Who Are Worthy of Corinne Olympios's 'Platinum Vagine'

Nicole Pomarico | Mar 8, 2017 TV
13 'Bachelor' Alums Who Are Worthy of Corinne Olympios's 'Platinum Vagine'
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Never in a million years did we ever think we'd say this, but we're actually missing Corinne Olympios on The Bachelor. She may have been the contestant we loved to hate all season long, but in the end, she proved she was so much more than that. And if things aren't going to work out with Nick, we know there has to be a guy out there who is perfect for her.

Let's be honest: Even if you don't like Corinne, you can admit that she's entertaining as hell. This girl seems like tons of fun, and any guy would be lucky to date her -- perhaps even a guy who once starred on The Bachelorette? Here are all the Bachelor nation dudes Corinne should date now that she and Nick are over. Hopefully Raquel approves! 

  • Chad Johnson


    This one seems like the most obvious, right? Two Bachelor villains could be perfect for each other, and since they've already met (and actually look pretty cute standing next to each other), this could be an easy pairing. The drama would be insane, but they'd make a great reality show.

  • Jared Haibon


    Jared is a total sweetheart, and it seems like deep down, Corinne is too, so there's probably a good chance that he could be the one to soften her up. Things obviously aren't going to work out with Ashley I., so maybe he should give Corinne a try? 

  • Juan Pablo Galavis


    This former Bachelor may be in a happy relationship right now (finally!), but if they ever call it quits, he needs to get Corinne on the phone ASAP. His assertive personality may be exactly what Corinne finds attractive, even if the women on his season of The Bachelor didn't. Plus, he loves blondes

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  • JJ Lane


    JJ may have been considered a villain on Kaitlyn Bristowe's Bachelorette season, but since then, he's come a long way. He's definitely ready to be a BF, maybe even for our girl? Besides, how could Corinne say no to his adorable daughter?! 

  • Cody Sattler


    Now that it seems his relationship with Michelle Money is officially over for good, maybe Cody is looking for a new woman, and Corinne could be the perfect fit. They both love working out, and we have a feeling she'd be totally into all those muscles.

  • Robby Hayes


    Robby was heartbroken when he wasn't JoJo Fletcher's final pick, so maybe he'd be willing to give it a try with Corinne? He's cute and successful, so she could do worse! 

  • Chase McNary


    Speaking of men who are heartbroken by JoJo Fletcher, one look at this photo proves that Corinne would be crazy not to give Chase McNary a shot. They're two beautiful people. Their kids would be gorgeous! Isn't that reason enough?! 

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  • Joe Bailey


    Joe Bailey pulled some pretty cruel tricks over on Juelia Kinney on Bachelor in Paradise, but if anyone is going to tame this beast, it's going to be Corinne. She could probably put him right in his place, and that could be good for him. Plus, they both have self-esteem off the charts, so maybe this is a case where similarities would work?

  • Grant Kemp


    We felt so bad for Grant Kemp after his relationship with Lace Morris didn't work out, but if he's ready to start dating, he could totally find love with Corinne. She and Lace are so similar (especially in their drama), there's a chance she could be just his type.

  • Josh Murray


    He may be attempting a reunion with Amanda Stanton, but just in case that doesn't work out, he would totally love Corinne. They're both obsessed with their own reflection, and they both love naps and snacks. It seems like the perfect pairing.

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  • Vinny Ventiera


    Vinny and Corinne are both gorgeous, (relatively) recently heartbroken, and super close to the families -- sounds like a good match! Plus, Vinny's mom seems real ready to welcome a daughter-in-law into her family, so Corinne could hit the jackpot with this one! 

  • Ian Thomson


    Ian was convinced he was destined to become the next Bachelor while he was on Kaitlyn's season, and Corinne definitely seemed like she would be into the idea of being a future Bachelorette. So put these two stars in the making together and you could have an awesome relationship, or a total explosion of ego. Either one! 

  • Brady Toops


    Brady is one of the sweetest guys ever, so we can't imagine how it didn't work out with Britt Nilsson. However, maybe that's a good thing, because he and Corinne might totally hit it off. Couldn't you see her traveling with him while he performs? It would be adorable! 

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