Chelsea DeBoer's Daughter Aubree Shows Off Her Big Sister Skills -- Awww!

Chelsea and Aubree

If you needed one more opportunity to gush over Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer's new baby, that time is now! Over the weekend, Chelsea shared the cutest pic of Aubree and Watson, and we're dying over how precious these siblings are together! 


Is it just us, or is it basically a sure thing that these two are going to be best friends for life?! 

Aubree and Watson

After seeing Aubree's excitement when she found out she'd be getting a little brother on Teen Mom 2, we've had a feeling that she'd bond with him immediately, and it's great to see it happen now. Watson may be less than 2 months old, but it's pretty clear that he and Aubs already have a strong bond.

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We can't wait to see them interact as Watson gets older, especially after he's able to talk and play. These baby years are adorable, but there's a lot to love about toddlers too, especially when they interact with their siblings! 

And from the looks of social media, Chelsea is over the moon about her new little one (and the fact that his big sis loves him so much). It's great to see her so happy after everything she's been through while raising Aubree at such a young age.

This season of Teen Mom 2 might not be over yet, but we can't wait to see Watson in action next time around. Hurry up, MTV! 

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