Chelsea & Cole DeBoer Went to Extremes to Prepare for Baby Watson

Chelsea and Cole

It was a pretty emotional time for a few of the ladies on Teen Mom 2 this week, but at least one had a grand old time preparing the family for their new addition. Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer got one of those fake babies that are supposed to prepare new parents (or home ec students) for the real thing, and of course it was hysterical.


Chels, Cole, and Aubree have since welcomed baby Watson into their lives, but because the show lags several months behind, we found out one very endearing way that they prepared for the little guy. Chelsea ordered a crying baby doll that you have to care for in order to get it to calm down, and they all got a crash course in newborns.

Highlights of caring for the little plastic guy including Chels and Cole being woken up every two hours during the night, trying to shush it so as not to wake a sleeping Aubree, and even diaper changing. The sweetest part was when Cole taught Aubs how to change the doll's diaper. She was pretty good for a 7-year-old!

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Then there was Jenelle Evans, who was also expecting when this episode was filmed. Unfortunately, it wasn't all fun and games for her though. Instead, she got into it with her mom, Barbara Evans, and it ended with her throwing film equipment at the MTV crew and vowing to never film with Babs again.

Jenelle had Jace for the weekend, and she was downright cold to her mom when she dropped him off. When they met up to give Jace back to Babs, Jenelle's boyfriend David Eason handled the parking lot exchange while Jenelle stayed in the car.

Jenelle ended up calling David from her car and scolding him for giving Barbara as much screen time as he did ... so Babs marched over to Jenelle's car and asked what was wrong with her ... and Jenelle said that she's never filming with her again.

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Kailyn Lowry also got into an argument this week, but hers was with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. When the cameras weren't rolling, Javi apparently came over to Kail's house and snuck in through the basement doors while she was home with the boys, and started riffling through all of her things to supposedly find evidence of another guy in her life.

Kail met with Jo Rivera to discuss limiting Javi's access to Isaac, Javi's stepson, and Jo agreed. That seemed to piss Javi off royally, so he retaliated by not letting Kail pick up their son Lincoln to take him for a haircut. Ugh, we seriously hope that these two can work things out soon.

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Leah Messer only struggled internally this week, as she contemplated going back to cosmetology school. She met with the head of the school she had previously attended, and found out that she'd have to be committed to five days a week for over a year.

Even though she has custody arrangements with both of her ex-husbands for her daughters, it will still require her to spend more time away from them than she'd like. It's definitely tough call, and not one she was able to make this week. Whatever she decides, hopefully she finds peace with it.

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