Kailyn Lowry's Baby Daddy May Have Been Revealed in New Clues

Kailyn Lowry

How much longer are we going to wait before Kailyn Lowry explains more about her surprise pregnancy to us?! Ever since she made the official announcement, we have had so many questions, though one mystery could be a little closer to being solved. Apparently a man named Chris Lopez might be Kail's baby daddy, and the evidence is pretty strong.


Chris -- who seems to be a friend of Kail's -- has shared a few suspicious tweets over the last few months. Since the one thing we know about the father of Kail's future baby is that he was a friend she "briefly dated," this theory is making a lot of sense, especially thanks to the tweets.

Apparently back in January, he tweeted about his "miracle child," but it seems to have since been deleted ... and according to The Hollywood Gossip, Kailyn liked that tweet. And then, he added something about winning a bet, to which Kailyn replied, "are you fr?" 


Sounds like they're discussing the sex of their baby to us! Hmm ...

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Of course, none of this is exactly concrete evidence, and the only way we can find out the truth is if and when Kail decides to open up about it herself. We're assuming we'll find out eventually -- especially if her new baby daddy is going to be on a future season of Teen Mom 2 -- but the wait is killing us! 

In the meantime, we'll just have to keep playing detective. Now that we know about his Twitter, maybe Chris will drop some more clues for us soon? 

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