Catelynn Baltierra Called a 'Bad Mom' for Going on Vacation

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Maci Bookout, Catelynn (Lowell) Baltierra, and Amber Portwood all went on vacation together, so you know mayhem was bound to happen. The Teen Mom OG stars jetted to Puerto Rico for some fun in the sun, but not all of their fans seem to approve of the trip.


You know, because how dare moms take a vacation together and drink and have fun and act silly? Amber and Maci both took a video of Cate goofing off in the pool, pretending to pee after drinking too much.

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Cait already had a little too much to drink today lol love it!! #3stooges�

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Fans were not impressed, to say the least. One person shared, "Poor Tyler [Baltierra] and Nova. Stay away from the alcohol. You can't handle it." Another commented on her parenting skills, saying, "She's showing poor habits and to be a mother. She should [put] that wine glass down ... I thought somewhere down the line you would grow up, but I guess not."

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Head. Desk. This was obviously just a joke; why can't people take it for what it is? Someone even commented that "drugs and alcohol don't mix," assuming that Cate is on medication still for the severe postpartum depression she suffered after Nova was born.

We have no idea if Cate is on meds right now, and that's her business. God forbid she have a little bit of fun with her girlfriends on vacation. Let us know when she starts feeding her toddler beer out of a bottle and we'll start caring.

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