Corinne Olympios Reportedly Had Sex With Nick Viall

Nick Viall and Corinne Olympios

We knew it! A Bachelor insider has revealed something we've suspected all along ... Nick Viall and Corinne Olympios did the deed, and apparently, he loved it. How could he not, what with her "platinum vagine" and all?


Corinne aggressively came onto Nick several times throughout the season before her elimination, which happened after the hometown dates. Even though he warded off her advances on the show, at least one source is saying that they finally had sex in Miami, after he met her family and her nanny, Raquel. 

According to a show insider, Corinne and Nick secretly met up for some nookie, and now she's looking to spill her guts. "Corinne would love to expose details of how Nick is in the bedroom and intimate things he was saying to her," the source to Life & Style.

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The insider continued, "[Nick] hoped Corinne would take this secret to the grave. [He] believes that if Corinne begins to talk about their night together in public, it will ruin his relationship with the winner."

And here we thought it was because of all the rumors that he's bad in bed. Seriously, he does seem to get dumped a lot just after sleeping with women, doesn't he? Just saying.

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Anyway, Corinne apparently "doesn't care about the other girls, especially the winner," and is doing all she can to "stay in the spotlight." The insider explained to the mag, "Corinne is milking her newfound fame."

All we have to say is that if this is true, Nick should've been more careful about where he put it if he didn't want to be exposed. Doesn't he know karma's a bitch? After he outed Andi Dorfman for sleeping with him and then dumping him, he really should've seen this one coming. 

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