'Bachelor' Star Raven Gates's Ex Says She's Nothing but a Liar

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We'd really hate to be Raven Gates's ex-boyfriend right about now! This week, The Bachelor gave us the beginning of fantasy suite dates, and a startling confession from Raven about how her ex never gave her an orgasm. But apparently Raven's ex says she lied on The Bachelor. What's the truth?! 


In an interview with Us Weekly, Raven's ex -- Hunter Henry -- wants to set the record straight about everything she's said about him this season. We've heard a lot about him, from the cheating to the lack of love and attention in their relationship, so it totally makes sense he wants to share his side of the story. 

Here's what he told the mag: 

Comments made by Raven about our relationship are skewed and untrue. However, I wish her all the best. Definitely not true about the whole orgasm thing. And she has told me she loved me multiple times, for the record. 

So much drama!

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Unfortunately, Hunter didn't drop any of the juicier details, just that he's totally refuting Raven's claims. There's only one problem: We don't know who to believe! And so far, Raven isn't commenting on what Hunter is saying.

We can't blame Hunter for rushing to clear his name, but what else could you expect a guy whose ex-girlfriend announced he was never able to give her an orgasm on national television?! Obviously from what Raven shared, their relationship didn't exactly have a very happy ending, so it's hard to tell who's telling the truth here. 

For now though, we're team Raven. Hopefully in her next relationship, she's able to find better -- whether or not it's with Nick Viall! 

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