Josh Murray Talks About Working Things Out With Amanda Stanton

Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray

Can these two just admit they're back together already? Josh Murray recently spoke about the status of his relationship with Amanda Stanton, and while he wouldn't commit to saying they're making another go of it, he did admit that they're "working on things."


The couple broke up after the holidays, after getting very serious, very quickly starting last summer. They got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise, and he moved from Atlanta to Southern California almost immediately to live with her and her two young daughters.

Both of their Instagrams were filled with super adorable "family" pics, and we really thought they were going to make it, despite the whirlwind nature of their romance.

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Then again, maybe they will work things out after all. Last month, they were spotted out in LA together, and Josh even tweeted the cryptic "Crazies stick with crazies #breakovermorepackingtodo." Josh also reportedly opened up to the Domenick Nati Show about his relationship. "I wouldn't say we're back together, but we're working on things right now," he confessed, according to The Hollywood Gossip

He continued, "There's a lot of things that happened, there were a lot of struggles ... For me, I know when I'm in a relationship I want to be with somebody who's my best friend, who I can trust, who I can be with all the time. We have to get to that point for anything to work out."

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He also said that it was difficult for them with "how everything was shown and portrayed" when the show aired. "We had a great time, we fell in love, we thought everything was great, and then it was tough during the season," he admitted.

There's still hope! Josh confessed, "So we kind of had to fight an uphill battle for a little while, and it wasn't an easy thing to do. But right now, we saw each other about a week ago back in Los Angeles, and there's a lot of things we need to talk about."

We'll be expecting a back together announcement any day now.  

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