Corinne Olympios Wants Her Own Reality Show With Her Nanny Raquel

Corinne Olympios
Jevone Moore/Splash News

Is the world ready for Corinne Olympios to have her own reality show? She sure thinks it is. Nick Viall's latest dumpee on The Bachelor recently all but admitted that she's shopping around for her own reality show, and don't worry -- her nanny Raquel will definitely be included.


E! News caught up with Corinne at the Women Tell All taping this week, and of course they wanted to know if she'll be appearing on Bachelor in Paradise. We pretty much figured it was a done deal already, since she's exactly the kind of drama that seems tailor-made for the guilty pleasure summer series.

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However, Corinne responded, "I don't think so," when asked if she would appear. She quickly followed with, "First of all, I wasn't even asked yet, so let's not jump the gun yet, so I don't know. It's too early to tell right now." Doesn't sound like she was chomping at the bit to book a flight to Mexico, does it?

That doesn't mean that we've seen the last of Corinne, though. She revealed that she hears from people "all the time" that America wants to see her on her own reality show. She said, "I think America is interested in me having a reality TV show with my family, my family is awesome, as you all could tell on my hometown date .... I'm going to say a lot of networks are interested. Obviously, my loyalty is here with ABC and things like that. So there's still a lot of stuff to be worked out, but we'll see what comes in the future."

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She also confessed that she wouldn't mind being the Bachelorette herself someday. "I would've loved to be the Bachelorette and I would always love to be the Bachelorette," she said. "If  that happened in the future, that'd obviously be a great honor."

Meanwhile we're with Nick. He told the network, "Corinne, please do Paradise!"

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