Tyler & Catelynn Baltierra Can't Let Those Infidelity Rumors Go

Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra

They're still at it. Catelynn (Lowell) and Tyler Baltierra have been lobbing fake cheating accusations back and forth for weeks now, and he just jokingly revealed that they take turns getting drunk and/or being unfaithful to each other.


The Teen Mom OG stars took to Twitter to joke (we hope) about their supposedly sick and twisted marriage, after playing up the rumors for weeks that he had cheated on her. Cate even posted a picture of a cocktail last week, and added the caption, "Whelp since he's out cheating."

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So of course Ty had to keep it going on Twitter, explaining that they take turns boozing it up and being unfaithful. 

Tyler Baltierra twitter

Obviously this is all just in good fun ... or so we hope. Cate and Ty have been together since junior high school, and have been through so much that the thought of their breaking up is too much for our fragile hearts to bear.

Mostly we're just glad that they're able to laugh off the rumors, as unsubstantiated as they were. The original blind item that "outed" them was found on a gossip site called Crazy Days and Nights, when they reported that Ty was cheating but MTV didn't want to feature it on the show because it didn't fit in with their story line.

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Ty responded almost immediately to the initial accusation, joking, "Damn it! We really tried keeping that a secret too! Well I'm sorry, I couldn't resist her/him ... Idk it was dark and I was drunk."

It seems like Cate and Ty are doing just fine these days, despite anyone who tries to say otherwise.

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