Javi Marroquin's New Book Promises to Rake Kailyn Lowry Over the Coals

javi marroquin and son lincoln

They're not exactly friendly exes. Javi Marroquin is writing a tell-all book about Kailyn Lowry, and it looks like it's going to be full of jaw-dropping confessions. The Teen Mom 2 star revealed to Radar Online that he's ready to spill about what really happened between him and Kail, and it doesn't look like it's going to be flattering to her at all.


Lincoln's dad told Radar, "Fans can expect a story about a man who thought he figured out life. Lies and cheating were swept beneath his nose for a long time!"

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He added that he'll also reveal "what it's like now to raise a smart and energetic little boy alone." We're pretty sure that he and Kail have joint custody of Lincoln, so while he may be a single dad, he's not doing it alone, but whatever

Last August he revealed that he was writing a book in response to Kail's latest memoir about the demise of their marriage, but by October, he had put the project on hold.

"The only reason I was coming out with that book was to make sure my story was out," he said at the time. "But Kail and me are doing really well so I guess we'll see. I'm willing to drop all of this. At the end of the day, I was mad and angry when I got home. Now I'm in a good place and I'm willing to let everything go."

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Looks like Kail's surprise pregnancy announcement may have pushed him back over the edge, because now he's penning his side of the story, which he's titled Heartlessly Hustled, a play on Kail's book Hustle and Heart.

Javi shared this photo on Instagram this week, adding the caption, "It's coming ... just wait on it."


We're not sure exactly what Javi is going to expose, but one thing is abundantly clear. Kail and Javi are never, ever, ever getting back together.

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