Now Leah Messer Is Rumored to Be Pregnant Again

Leah Messer and Gracie

Man -- is there something special in the Teen Mom drinking water these days? Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer and Jenelle Evans both welcomed babies in January, and Kailyn Lowry just confirmed that she's pregnant with baby number three. And believe it or not, another star of the show is rumored to have a bun in the oven. Fans think Leah Messer could be pregnant too, with her fourth child. What's going on?! 


In a Facebook Live video that was posted to social media, Addie came up to Leah and whispered in her ear, "Are you gonna tell them about the baby in your tummy?" Not only did that precious girl say that once, but twice, causing Leah to shut the whole thing down and then delete the video.

At face value, it seems pretty obvious: If Addie is talking about a baby in Leah's tummy, there's got to be something up. Is she hiding a pregnancy from us too?! 

Maybe not. Leah has already denied the whole thing, saying that she's currently using an IUD. 

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And according to what a source close to Teen Mom 2 filming tells The Ashley, Leah is definitely not expecting. The insider said: 

She has never mentioned anything to the crew, and there have been no indications at all that she's expecting. She's really, really thin right now, too. There is absolutely no tummy whatsoever. 

Sounds to us like Leah's telling the truth and she's really not pregnant, despite what Addie might have said. Anyone who has spent five minutes with a toddler knows they're capable of saying just about anything, whether it makes sense or not, so that seems to be what happened here.

And if Leah pulls a fast one on us like Kail did? Well, that will mean all four Teen Mom 2 stars welcomed a new baby in 2017, and that's too insane for us to even think about! 

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