Raven's Bold Sex Confession Leaves Nick Viall Speechless

Nick Viall and Raven

Uhhhhh ... damn. Whenever one of the women is about to confess some deep, dark secret to the leading man on The Bachelor, we typically assume they're about to divulge that they were married before. Or have a kiddo at home. Or had some sort of tragedy happen in their past that they are still trying to come to terms with. And that's why we couldn't help but have a "say what?!?" reaction tonight when Raven told Nick Viall that her ex never made her orgasm. (Talk about anti-climactic.)


Good grief! Let me get this straight -- she dated the dude for a whole 10 years, and not once did he manage to give her the big O? Gah. No wonder she never bothered saying "I love you" to him. (I mean ... 10 years?!?)

And while you gotta give Raven mad props for putting it all out there and being open and honest with Nick, who else thinks her plan most likely backfired miserably as far as the fantasy suite is concerned?

Think about it for a second. It would put enough pressure on a guy to tell him that you'd only slept with one other person -- but then to go so far as to tell him that the sex totally sucked? Um ... no pressure. (Not even a little bit.)

And since when it comes to The Bachelor, the whole fantasy suite date thing usually means there's a pretty decent chance of some serious "fiancé type stuff" happening, Raven basically (albeit unknowingly) told Nick that she was ready to get down to business, but that he'd better freakin' deliver so she doesn't wind up two-for-two in the "OMG I didn't have an orgasm" department.

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Come on. Did you catch the look on Nick's face after she told him that?

Poor dude was totally shaking in his boots after being faced with the task of not only pleasing this woman, but being the one and only man to ever please her in the way every woman in her right mind wants to be pleased.

And it's hard not to wonder what actually went down (no pun intended) once the cameras left their little igloo in the snow. Did they do the deed? Was it good? And most importantly, did Nick manage to make her toes curl in pure ecstasy? (Eh, I wouldn't bet on it.)

Ohhhh, and what about the guy she used to date? Man. I'll bet that dude wants to hide under a rock right about now. Nothing quite says "f*** you" like going on national television and telling the world that someone was so awful in the sack that he still couldn't manage to hit the right spot after a decade. (Dude. Get it together.)

Guess we'll have to wait until next week's three-hour episode to find out whether Raven can put a check mark next to her orgasm box. And if not? Hey, there's always Bachelor in Paradise. The men who wind up on that show are always up for a challenge.

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