Kailyn Lowry Drops a Bomb About What Happened While Javi Marroquin Was Deployed

Kailyn Lowry

All the mamas had tough stuff to deal with this week on Teen Mom 2, and more than one of them had contentious custody battles to deal with. Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry both saw lawyers over their kids, and unfortunately, it doesn't look like either one of them reached a full resolution.


Kail and Javi Marroquin have been fighting through their divorce the past few weeks on the show, and they finally met with lawyers this week to finalize their custody plans for their son Lincoln. It looked like everything was settled, until Kail said that she thought Lincoln should be with his brother Isaac (her son with ex Jo Rivera) every Christmas.

Javi obviously did not agree, and mentioned something about Kail getting a boyfriend, to which she responded by saying she put her kids first. Javi pretty much mocked her by sarcastically asking her, "Oh really?" -- before she stormed off to her car. He followed, and a heated argument broke out between them, in which she finally admitted that she had slept with someone else while he was deployed. In all fairness though, she had filed for divorce already, so you know ... they may have technically still been married, but they were 100 percent separated.

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Jenelle Evans also had to meet with lawyers over her custody battle with her mom, Barbara Evans. Babs has had custody of Jace since his infancy, when Jenelle signed over her rights when she was more concerned with partying and smoking pot.

They still haven't seen a judge, but it's just as clear as ever that it's going to be an uphill battle for Jenelle, as her mom does not want to give her custody back of Jace. Even though Jenelle has clearly grown up a lot in the last seven years, Babs still worries about her stability.

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Leah Messer also had some drama to deal with, as her second ex-husband finally came back into town after being gone for months on a pipe-lining job. Communication hasn't been the best between them, even regarding their daughter Addie.

When Jer dropped off the kiddo with Leah, he casually let it drop that he was engaged (to Brooke Wehr), something he thought she already knew. Leah said she hadn't known, and said she hoped he wasn't being irrational about it, for their daughter's sake. The whole thing was pretty awkward, honestly, and the best part was Addie in the car afterwards saying she wanted lipstick and long nails.

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Then there was Chelsea Houska, who seemed to be having a great week, despite some attitude from 7-year-old Aubree. She and Cole DeBoer got an ultrasound of their new baby, and made the announcement to the MTV crew that he has a wiener!

Congrats to Chels and crew on their new baby boy. We couldn't be happier for them!

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