Leah Messer Insults Jeremy Calvert in the Worst Possible Way

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Leah Messer may still be young, but after three children and two marriages, she's learned a lot. In a new clip from this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah says marrying Jeremy Calvert the biggest mistake of her life. Ouch! 


It all starts when Leah goes to pick up Addie after she's been staying with her dad for a while. At first, their exchange is pretty pleasant, but then Jeremy lets Leah know he's engaged to girlfriend Brooke Wehr, and she's pretty surprised. She's so taken aback, she wants Jeremy to be aware what a huge decision this is, and it all kind of goes downhill from there. 

The ending of the clip is the most awkward part, because we don't get to see how Jeremy reacts to their marriage being considered a mistake in Leah's eyes. But judging by his facial expression, it seems like he's mad, if not a little hurt.

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And honestly, we can't blame Leah for feeling that way. When she got together with Jeremy, things moved at warp speed. They got married and had Addie so quickly that it's no wonder their relationship didn't last. 

And now that Leah is older and wiser, it's not too surprising she has regrets about her past -- we all do! But we're sure she doesn't regret Addie, and obviously, there had to be lessons she learned from that marriage that will benefit her in the future.

Jeremy and Leah have had such a good co-parenting relationship lately -- at least, a mostly friendly one, anyway -- that we would hate for this to ruin it. We can't wait to watch the show to find out exactly how this all plays out. How does Jeremy react?! We need to know! 

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