Adam Lind Accuses MTV of Making Him Look Like a Bad Dad

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On this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, we couldn't believe it when Adam Lind didn't show up (or call) on his daughter Aubree's birthday. But what if that's not the real truth? Adam says MTV lied to make him look bad, and he wants to tell his side of the story. 


According to Radar Online, Adam actually had his own birthday celebration with Aubs, and the site has obtained the photos to prove it. Apparently, he took her to Toys R Us to pick out whatever she wanted as her gifts. 

A source close to Chelsea's ex told Radar: 

He threw a birthday party for Aubree. It's so sad that he just gets bashed on the show. They use him as a plot line for drama. He had the birthday party at his place and his sister and other family came over. Chelsea and Adam don't talk at all. She's living her fantasy life, but Adam thinks that as long as Aubree is happy that's all that matters to him. And she is. 

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It definitely wasn't looking good for Adam on Teen Mom 2, and if he really didn't call Aubree on her birthday, that's a bummer. But it sounds like he did recognize his daughter's big day, and what kid wouldn't love being set loose in a toy store?

Plus, if the drama's exaggerated for Teen Mom 2, isn't that the best case scenario? Like the insider said, what matters is that Aubree's happy, and she seems to be having the best life these days, especially now that she has a little brother! 

We're just glad that Aubree had a great birthday. She's such a sweet kiddo, she deserves it! 

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