Javi Marroquin Reacts to Kailyn Lowry's Shocking Pregnancy News

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If you still can't believe it, don't worry, neither can we. But it's happening: Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with baby number three, and so far, we have no idea who the father is -- we just know it's not her ex Javi Marroquin. Javi has responded to Kail's pregnancy, but with way less emotion than we thought. 


In fact, he's actually playing it pretty cool, and from his tweet, it sounds like he's just popping the popcorn and waiting to see what happens next. Here's what Javi said after Kailyn dropped the bomb on Thursday night: 

Javi Marroquin Twitter

As much as we wish Javi would drop a few truth bombs on us of his own, it seems like this is all we're getting from him for now. In her official announcement on her website, Kail revealed that she hadn't had a chance to talk to Javi about her pregnancy yet, so it would seem that he found out when the rest of us did, unless someone else filled him in beforehand.

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Even so, we can't imagine what he must be thinking right now. It's only been months since he and Kailyn split up -- shortly after miscarrying. This is a lot for Kail to deal with as a single mom, and a lot for Javi to deal with as her ex.

The good news? It seems like Javi is keeping his mind on the important things in life in the meantime.

Javi Marroquin Twitter

We don't doubt that whatever comes next, it's going to be interesting. We're looking forward to more of Javi's commentary. Hopefully, next time, it's a bit more juicy!

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