Nick Viall Has Every Reason to Be 'Worried' About His Fantasy Suite Dates

Nick Viall

He's hesitating. The fantasy suite dates are coming up on The Bachelor, and Nick Viall seems more than a little nervous about them. Given that he's already been through this ordeal twice (albeit from the other side), we can't necessarily say that we blame him.


In a preview for next Monday's episode of the show, Nick opens up about his apprehension heading into the fantasy suites with his top three ladies. After all, he got dumped twice after visiting the fantasy suites -- first by Andi Dorfman, then by Kaitlyn Bristowe.

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Nick confessed that he's "excited" about spending overnights with his remaining ladies, and called it "an incredible opportunity to connect with someone." He added, "I really just have to focus on following my heart and knowing that I'm making the right decisions."

He also admitted that he was "worried" about the whole thing, saying, "Most of my memories in this world end with me getting my heart broken. And so I think the obvious question for me is, What's different for me now than before, knowing how strongly I felt about Andi and Kaitlyn? Maybe there's nothing different."

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Or maybe it's possible that he's worried about his performance during "fiancé-type stuff," as Dorfman has mentioned in the past. There's a rumor floating around that Nick isn't so great in bed, and while what happens in the fantasy suites is supposed to stay in the fantasy suites, it's no secret that Nick has a history of getting it on in there.

Nick's been pretty worried this whole season that he might not find The One, but could it have something to do with his fear of being rejected over his performance beneath the sheets?

We're not saying Nick sucks in the sack -- we're just saying he seems awfully nervous about going there again.

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