Kailyn Lowry's Rumored Baby Daddy Is the Last Person We Expected

Kailyn Lowry and her sons

Let the speculation begin. It's been mere hours since Kailyn Lowry officially announced that she's pregnant with her third child, and already people are trying to guess who the baby daddy is. Can't say we blame people for being curious, though, considering that Kail is freshly divorced and, as far as we know, not seriously involved with anyone at the moment.


The Teen Mom 2 star spent weeks denying that she was pregnant, but late Thursday night, she decided to come clean and announce the happy news herself on social media. We're totally thrilled for Kail no matter who the dad is (heck, it could even be a donor, right?), but fans can't help but question who it might be.

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One guess is Kail's friend Tyler Hill, whose name has already been tossed around as a potential affair partner of hers while Javi was serving overseas in the air force. While both Kail and Javi threw shade at each other during their divorce about "secrets," neither one of them ever confirmed an affair on either of their parts. 

Another option fans are considering is JC Cueva, who is also Kail's new producer on Teen Mom 2. Rumors flew several weeks ago that the two were romantically involved, and even though she tried to shut it down on Twitter, fans apparently aren't convinced.

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Seriously, she flat-out lied about being pregnant, so what makes anyone think she woudn't be lying about being involved with JC too? He said in an interview last December that he has "a really good relationship with Kail" and enjoys joking around with her a lot.

Plus it would make sense why Kail's been so evasive this season on the show about discussing anything related to Javi on camera ... maybe she just doesn't want to talk about her problems with her ex-husband to her new boyfriend.

Stranger things have happened, is all we're saying.

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